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제품명 ColaTeric LAB70 UP 등록번호 10
INCI Name Lauryl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Water 한글명 라우릴베타인, 소듐클로라이드, 정제수
대분류 Others 중분류 Surfactact
제조사 Colonial Chemical 포장단위 204.1kg
단일/복합물 Mixture 비고
복합조성물 Lauryl Betaine 32.0~34.0
Sodium Chloride 6.0~8.0
Water 58.0~60.0
특 징 ColaTeric LAB70 UP is a high-foaming amphoteric surfactant that is
compatible with anionic, nonionic, cationic and other amphoteric surfactants.
ColaTeric LAB70 UP is based on the renewable vegetable lipid found in
coconut oil and is biodegradable. It is stable over a wide pH range and
provides the formulator with a flexible ingredient for use in many personal care
and industrial formulations.

ColaTeric LAB70 UP contains no solvents or VOCs and is shipped
unpreserved. ColaTeric LAB70 UP exhibits a high viscosity build when used
with traditional anionics. ColaTeric LAB70 UP is useful in personal care
products under both high and low pH conditions. It features exceptional
mildness and exhibits modest conditioning action in hair shampoos,
conditioner and skin cleansers.

Household cleaning formulations can benefit from the superior coupling
performance for improved detergency, foam stabilizing and ingredient
compatibility. At 10% active, ColaTeric LAB70 UP exhibits very low toxicity,
causes minimal eye irritation and is not considered a primary dermal irritant.

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