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제품명 ColaFax 3375 등록번호 10
INCI Name Phenol-6 Low Foaming High Alkaline 한글명
대분류 Others 중분류 Household Industrial
제조사 Colonial Chemical 포장단위 204.1kg
단일/복합물 Mixture 비고
복합조성물 Phosphate Ester 60.0~100.0
Phosphoric Acid 5.0~10.0
1,4-dioxane 0.001
Ethylene Oxide 0.0001
특 징 ColaFax 3375 is a 95% active phosphate ester. ColaFax 3375 is effective
as a low foam detergent and hydrotrope. Any foam that is generated in use
is fast breaking. ColaFax 3375 is especially effective in coupling low foam
or capped nonionics into liquid alkaline cleaners.
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