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Product Name INCI Name Manufacturer 한글명 Characteristics
ColaTrope AHS Alkylether Hydroxypropyl Sultaine Colonial Chemical Unlike some conventional surfactants used in 50% Caustic Soda solutions, Cola®Trope AHS..
ColaFax 3611 Phenol-4 Phosphate Ester Colonial Chemical ColaFax 3611 is a low-foaming organic phosphate ester surfactant that provides effective..
ColaTrope INC-K Potassium Alkanate Colonial Chemical Cola®Trope INC-K has been developed for use in systems with high electrolytes. Similar ..
ColaTrope OD Alkanoate Salt Colonial Chemical ColaTrope OD is a highly effective hydrotropes with excellent environmental attributes. Ma..
ColaTrope SC-45 Potassium Alkanote Colonial Chemical ColaTrope SC-45 is a high foaming, chlorine stable, caustic soluble surfactant and hydro..
ColaTeric 2COSF Sodium Capryloamphopropionate Colonial Chemical ColaTeric 2-COSF is a caprylic imidazoline derived amphoteric surfactant that provides e..
ColaTeric EHP Sodium Octylaminopropionate Colonial Chemical Cola®Teric EHP is a low foaming hydrotropic detergent with good cleaning properties use..
ColaTeric HFA Sodium Cocominodipropionate Colonial Chemical Cola®Teric HFA is a high-foaming amphoteric surfactant that provides outstanding hydrot..
ColaTrope 522 TDS Low Foam, High Caustic Hydrotrope Colonial Chemical Cola®Trope 522 is an alkaline stable surfactant that is soluble and stable in 35% sodiu..
ColaFax 3396 Phenol-6 Colonial Chemical ColaFax 3396 is a 62% active, low foaming, aromatic based, phosphate ester with characteri..

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