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Oil & Wax
Product Name INCI Name Manufacturer 한글명 Characteristics
Makigreen Velvet Wax Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Oryza Sativa (rice) Bran Oil, Oryza Sativa (rice) Bran Wax, Vegetable (olus) Oil, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate Daito Kasei 검양 옻나무열매 왁스, 해바라기씨 왁스, 쌀겨 오일, 쌀겨 왁스, 식물성오일, 토코페롤, 아스코빌팔미테이트 Properties - Thickner - Binder - Stabilizer - Velvety Skin Feel - 100% Natural
Castolide MS Hydrogenated Castor Oil Stearate National Mimatsu 하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일스테아레이트 Unlike the lanolin or Hydroxyl group of higher alcohols, there is less skin irritation o..
Castolide MH Hydrogenated Castor Oil Hydroxystearate National Mimatsu 하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일하이드록시스테아레이트 Melting point is 56 ℃, higher than Castolide MS or MIS-P, so it gives different texture..
Hydrogenated Castor Oil A Hydrogenated Castor Oil Itoh Oil 하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일 Properties -White, Flake type wax -Has 85° C Melting point -Compatible with Ethyl ce..
Bees Wax (GB) Bees Wax Miki 비즈왁스 Bleached Bee's Wax deodorizing processed under molecular distillation, Which prevent odo..
Bees Wax Bees Wax Miki 비즈왁스 This is the purifird product of bleached Bee's Wax which is mainly extracted from beehiv..
12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid Hydroxystearic Acid Itoh Oil 하이드록시스테아릭애씨드 12-Hydroxy stearic acid is a waxy hydroxy fatty acid with melting point is about 75ºC. ..

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